Jack’s Story

Jack was born on the 20/06/2009, on his arrival the young girl who checked him over noticed a problem with his right foot, it was very floppy and slightly thinner than his left and there was a small lump just above his bum right on his spine.

The young girl requested a further investigation in the morning at this point they thought jack had spinal problems. So we were sent straight to see a specialist at

The general, Dr Ramesh confirmed that there was a problem but was unsure what so he requested a emergency MRI later that day and that then showed us what we were dealing with.

Jack had neuroblastoma, a tumour behind his stomach which had entered and travelled up his spine, this had blocked/strangled his lower nervous system this left jack with very very little feeling and control of his lower body.

At this point we were told that jack will never walk / be able to go to the toilet him self etc .

We were then transferred to the RVI and were put under the care of a fantastic doctor, Mrs Debbie Tweddle which was the best thing that could have happened for us as a family, Debbie told us that she was sure she could get rid of the tumour but as she had never treated a baby before she would have to do home work and get back to us. This she did and 24hrs later she came to us with a load of text books and a plan of action which included chemo and a cocktail of drugs, but she reassured us this was what jack needed. Sure enough 8 months later we started seeing the scans getting better and better and just before his second birthday we got an all clear MRI the tumour was gone.

Unfortunately Jack was left with severe damage to his lower nervous system. This has never stopped jack at all and he has stuck two fingers up to everyone who told him that he would not be able to  walk, ride a bike, run etc, and especially race a go kart. With modifications to his kart at this moment in time he is sitting 14th in the Bambino BKC national Championship.

Jack is a inspiration and credit to us as parents he never says never and gives 110% in every thing he does and never lets his disabilities get in the way at all.

-Gemma Sant, Jack’s Mother

After hearing Jack’s amazing story and how his father spent Boxing day and the day after in a workshop modifying Jack’s kart so he could could be ready to compete and the amount of time and money spent on helping to fulfill Jack’s dream of becoming a racing driver, Inspired by Erin stepped in to offer our support and got him the final few racing parts he needed.

We’ll follow Jack’s progress and keep you updated.

DSCN0629 DSCN0686 IMG_2314 3 photo 3


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